Saturday, May 22, 2010

Newly released audio tapes from Tommy Croslin - Summary

If Tommy and Misty are both trying to lie to get out, that means there is still a baby snatcher out there and people need to be looking for this child.

Tommy said he told the cops he saw HaLeigh in the van with Joe, that he saw the two of them together, but that he had nothing else to do with anything. He denies the allegations from Grama, and from Misty, and said their stories are crazy.

Tommy said he never told anyone that he helped Joe. He wishes he could tell his family what was going down, but he can't. He was totally surprised to find out the search was on the news, as he was told not to say anything and so he had been trying to use code to tell his parents what was going on. He said to them that at their old house, you can't even get down the street, so they questioned him, but he basically said he couldn't tell them anything, well then shortly after they tell him on a phone call that it was in the paper and in the news. He was shocked and then they said Misty was on TV now at the dock. Tommy said "What!" "Why?" and he denied all her stories about the drug over dose and everything, saying she was crazy. His parents are starting to break down from the stress and not knowing what is going on.

His dad continually tells him not to dig himself into a deeper hole and to tell the truth. At one point his dad yells at him as to why he didn't bring this stuff up at the beginning and asks if he made a deal before he told, and Tommy said "no.", his dad said he should have made the deal first, he should have let the lawyers do the stuff they were working on and everyone should have stayed quiet. Tommy keeps saying he wishes he could tell them and continues to drop hints, which basically lead one to believe he made it up to get out and that Misty is also making stuff up.

Tommy tells them to stop talking to Leonard Padilla because everything keeps ending up on tv.
Lyndsay has decided not to take anyone's calls, demanded Tommy not call him and wants nothing to do with him or his family and won't let the kids visit him. This is because of what the lawyers and police told her, leading her to believe he was involved in the murder. Tommy continually says everyone should know he wouldn't do that, they should know him better. Lyndsay says she is disgusted right now and needs time.

Tommy said he just needed a ticket out of there and everything was bullsh**. He said he was just trying to get home to his wife and kids and he hopes he didn't just mess it up. He says Lyndsay should know what he was talking about because she already knows.

Tommy is having an inmate he "trusts" call all his family and Lyndsay to tell them the truth about what he is doing. He tried to tell them this in code, but it was obvious as could be and then his dad said, "you better not be telling inmates stuff!", lol to late... So, he claims this person is getting out or has just got out and will be calling them to explain everything. This person would be calling on Monday and she should already know the truth already and she needs to listen to this person who is going to tell her the truth about what is going on. 

Tommy and Misty are now both on anti-depressants. Then he asks for money to write letters. He previously said he wanted to be writing Lyndsay at least to write his kids. This was two Fridays before the 24thm of what month, I am unsure.

Misty is meeting with his lawyer instead of meeting Monday and her lawyer is willing to help Tommy as much as he can too. His mom started to say what Misty is saying and Tommy yelled over her words "HUSH", and said don't say anything. This happens often in their conversations and they know when he does that to change the subject.

Misty's lawyer is "fixing to give up on her" because the cops don't believe what she is saying. This was from Hank. Tommy asked when that was, and said he and one of the detectives about got into it over the dock thing. He said they let the two of them ride together in the cop car and smoke cigarettes together and everything.

Hank and Lisa keep saying to tell Misty to tell the truth, and are getting very upset about her lying so much and causing so much grief and he doesn't want to waste time on her when the cops don't believe her and she keeps lying. and the evidence doesn't add up. Tommy is continually upset over being unable to reach his brother for a long time and because Lyndsay won't take his calls.Tommy says Chelsie and Timmy got a new ride, implying what sounded like, from Nancy Grace. He then asks his parents to get his belongings from Lyndsay so he doesn't lose it since she is leaving him. Hank is worried Misty is getting herself in deeper. He is very disturbed over her stories. Hank asks what his lawyer is thinking and he says he doesn't know.

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