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Not News: Brick Thrown Through Marion, OH GOP HQ Window |

Not News: Brick Thrown Through Marion, OH GOP HQ Window | "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Tuesday, a brick was thrown though a window at the Republican Party's headquarters in Marion, Ohio, 50 miles north of Columbus.

It would appear fans of Gateway Pundit would be about the only ones outside the local area who would know this. Virtually no other establishment media outlet has been involved in reporting on this incident. Meanwhile, the fact that a window was broken at Hamilton County, Ohio's Democratic headquarters was reported nationwide.

Here are portions of the coverage at the Marion Star:

'Stop right wing' is message to local GOP
Delivered via brick through HQ window

Two Republican party officials were shocked to hear someone had thrown a brick through a window at their headquarters downtown — with a message directed at stopping conservatism.

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"Stop the right wing," was written in purple ink on a piece of notebook paper.
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"The bottom was torn off of it, maybe like they made a mistake or something when they were writing it the first time," said Kenneth Stiverson, president of the Marion County Republican Club.

Employees at the law offices next door to the headquarters, at 114 S. Main St., called party members to let them know the window had been broken Tuesday.

Police were called and took the brick and note as evidence.

Stiverson said he didn't think people in Marion would do such a thing. Republican party members who were helping to clean up found the note after they found the brick.

... "I'm a little concerned with regard to the message it sends out, especially to the young people getting involved in politics," he (Marion County Republican Central Committee Chairman John Matthews) said. "I thought Marion was above that. So much for the free flow of ideas and ideologies."

It may cost more than $600 to fix the window, Stiverson said.

Meanwhile, it's been patched with duct tape.

"We've never had anything like this happen before. In that part of town sometimes people will wiggle on the doors and try to get in, but we never had any vandalism before," Matthews said.

The story says that the Associated Press contributed to the report. The AP may have reported the item to area outlets, but a search at the AP's main site on "Marion" returns nothing relating to the brick throw.

A Google News search on "Marion brick (not in quotes) returns the Marion Star story as the only relevant link. Columbus Dispatch searches return nothing for "Marion brick" and "Marion GOP" (both not in quotes).

The double standard in reporting couldn't be more obvious.

—Tom Blumer is president of a training and development company in Mason, Ohio, and is a contributing editor to NewsBusters

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