Friday, May 21, 2010

HaLeigh Cummings Jail House Tapes to be released today - The Amber Alert is still active

The Amber Alert for HaLeigh Cummings is still active. I do not understand why if what the investigators say is true, and she is presumed deceased. I trust the Amber Alert and think the comments about planning a funeral could be merely a strategic statement. With that said, please keep looking for her. I will post her picture in this post. Please report any sightings to 911.

Simon posted today on BNN that they are working on getting the tapes picked up and loaded to their site from the jail. There are 5 Disks, 2 are of Misty, 3 dvd's of Tommy, and a CD with phone calls of Tommy's. There are 20 files on the CD. Thanks to a poster, they will be uploaded shortly! Thanks SillyGirl! LOL

I will include the link to Simon's post, just click it to go to his site.

It is once again been a long time with no word from investigators on the status of the case, I would think there would have been something after their MAJOR announcement that this would now be a homicide investigation, and for her parents to plan a funeral.

Crystal Sheffield said on her Facebook, that until they show her proof, neither her nor Ron would be planning a funeral. In the afternoon of April 22nd, Crystal Sheffield made an announcement on her page:

"I just want to make it clear that me nor ronald are making funeral arrangements.. It's hard enough without people putting words in our mouth"

"This feels like a dream, I wish it was and I would wake up. My heart has been ripped right out of my chest, but like I said prove it to me.SHOW ME:( "

"Im still not giving up on u HaLeigh Bug I want evidence showing me that this is true... I LOVE YOU BUG always and forever mommy"

It makes me wonder how in the dark she must feel. Are the investigators sharing everything with her? Are investigators considering her a potential suspect and is that why? It must be terrible to be in that position, of not knowing where you stand with the investigation. (if you are innocent.) Their family has exited the media spotlight, and who can blame them, really, yet in order to keep HaLeigh's face out there, they need to be in the media. Especially if Crystal is demanding HaLeigh is alive and being held somewhere, because pleading for her return on a facebook page won't have the same effect as Nancy Grace or Issues or other big stations. Also, if Crystal knows for a fact she is alive, has she told everything she knows, or has she been scared to silence like some other players in this case? Has her attorney advised her to be quiet, when now would be a good time to speak, she could get her story out there and reach a large crowd, while she actually has their attention, because unfortunatly if there is no news on a missing person case, you won't see it in the news. She should consider taking this opportunity to reach out to the media and speak and plead for her daughter's return, while they are paying attention and she still has time.

Some of the Facebook pages set up in HaLeigh's honor are listed below. The sad thing is there hasn't been much activity lately. It is so encouraging to see so many people reach out for a child they never knew, however if people knew more, they could do more.!/group.php?gid=133571210170&v=wall

So what do you think? :0)

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