Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders says Islam is 'fascist'

The freedom movement is gaining ground in the Netherlands through peaceful methods.

This is how we will overcome in America. This is a living example to us that we can and we are winning this legal and societal battle against our constitution.

The media and bashers of the teaparty movement want to paint a violent picture in our heads by showing us videos of Greece and telling us that will happen here, and we will do that, because they want us to, so they can impose more restrictions on our life and freedoms.

This will allow them to have more control over the paper they call money and the way we live to serve them. They would hate for us to realize the progress that has been made in the Netherlands peacefully. That would be their demise. Well, that is why I am bring it to your attention today. The only need for restoring our country is peaceful actions. It works.


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