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Response to Statement Analysis of Cindy's Speech

I wanted your opinion on these two links:
I was reviewing Peter's wonderful analysis of Cindy's presentation and I had a ah-ha moment. I know nothing other than what you have taught me about statement analysis, so bear with me. I thought of some ideas I wanted to share with you. I started with a few statements, then I just stopped hopping around and did most all. I am sorry for the way it is so choppy, I was going back and forth from my web mail client I wrote this in and your web page, while laying down typing, so it took all day and well, I am not the best at this stuff, however, will you please let me know what you think? I really appreciate it.

Thank you and here it is, thrown together, I am really sorry about the layout.
 "and the instant she was placed in my arms, she stole my heart forever."

Do you think this could have to do with Cindy destroying evidence, or maybe having a chance after she was deceased to actually hold her once again? Which would "steal your heart", and would explain the next comment.

It would also explain the combat because she knew they would have a HUGE battle ahead. Between hiding and destroying evidence to the criminal procedures they may face and Casey is facing, she knew it would be a battle.'

 My heart just melted.

Peter: "my heart" is Cindy Anthony's heart.

I knew from then on that her heart was strong and that she would be a very special child.

Cindy knowing the impact of this moment holding Caylee for the last time in the woods, would burn in her heart very strong, and that the world would never forget Caylee. Also, knowing she is in heaven is very special.

Could this also be Cindy knowing how people would be so involved?

I remember Lee saying, mom- she's so loud!
This seems like Lee displayed signs that he felt like Caylee was obnoxious and maybe she irritated him. Maybe he was not as attached to her as we thought, or maybe Cindy wants us to realize she was the one who was most attached to her daughter Caylee. (intentional use of daughter)
"She wouldn't wake up crying she'd wake up laughing. She'd wake up cooing, she'd wake up just smiling. She was always a happy child. "

Caylee is not named as the she, allowing this lie to be her delirious truth, but implied.  Cindy wants to further set up unobtainable goals of having a perfect child who wakes up and is so happy to see Cindy - they just bubble over. Cindy knows Casey probably had problems with her and this is something Casey could try to obtain to be just as wonderful as her mom, but her mom knew it wouldn't happen, and Cindy is reminding her it sure won't happen now. Further rubbing it in. This is Cindy's turn to torture Casey publicly, to embarrass and demean her in THEIR language and in her secret ways.

She loved her family very much, she loved her animals, she loved her Tinker and her Tilly her Ho Ho and her Pay Pay. They were the best of friends, in fact Tilly and Tinker still look for Caylee, even today.

Maybe these were stuffed animals of Caseys, letting Casey know they were talking to HER about something.
I also see this as Cindy using personal language known to them only, in public we have no idea what she means and it is also a way to scold and demean us implying we should be held shamed for not looking for her even today.
I remember you point out family meant "Cindy" and maybe George, and "her mom", referred to Casey, so obviously she was telling Casey Caylee loved THEM and her stuffed animals and pets best, who still look for Caylee. Which is another dig at Casey because she was NOT LOOKING for Caylee, not even today. Also, reminding that being as these were stuffed animals or real animals, they were far beneath being the mother of a child, which is what Casey was labeled as by her mom, and STILL, THEY EVEN never stopped looking for Caylee, where Casey did not, further demeaning Casey in public.


Caylee's favorite pastimes were coloring, reading stories, finger painting, having a tea party. At her tea party she'd have Elmo, Mr. Pib and her Teddy bear and then Caylee and she'd set the table and pour them all some tea and she'd have a grand old time.

 She was alone, without mom, as to rub it in casey's face, but also, she is to proud to realize she forgot to add herself to the list, so without grandma too. Alone...
"She loved playing dress up. George shared w/you she loved to come out and she'd have her beads on and she wouldn't have one strand she'd have 50 and she had a whole trunk full of beads. She loved Spiderman, she'd come out in her Spiderman socks and her Spiderman t shirt, she loved Cinderella. She loved those crazy glasses w/the furry eyebrows and the big nose. George covered some of the movies, she loved 101 Dalmations, Monsters Inc, Bambi I and II, we're still not sure to this day which one she liked better, she'd watch them both back and forth 3 and 4 times in the day. She did love her Veggie Tales, her Sponge Bob and her Baby Einstein movies."
This makes me think George likes to play dress up. Either he is a cross dresser, or he dresses up in life as something he is not, as in a security guard costume, or as a grieving grandpa, and Cindy doesn't believe he is either, actually she doesn't think he is much of anything.
Where did they  have her "kept", that she continually "came out" of? It would seem more natural to say what she did, without the she "came out" which means she was always "in" something. Was she ever shut in her room to watch movies all day? They don't seem to know much about her heart and her thoughts, etc.
Ok, also this would be anywhere between four to ten hours of watching tv a day, so I really doubt they did anything else with her enriching during a normal day. Where are the mounds of crafts?

"Caylee loved the water and she was becoming a good swimmer. "

Caylee loved the water so much BUT she could not swim... we swam often in our pool.

Peter: The emphasis here is on Caylee and her love of the water. There was talk, early on, that Caylee may have died by accidental or neglectful drowning, but at that time, Cindy insisted that her pool ladder was up. In any statement, we note the use of water, bathing, showering, handwashing. The fact that Caylee was a good swimmer is important to Cindy.

Actually, Cindy said the ladder was in the wrong place, or the door was open, but she was adiment at first that there was something disrupted at the pool site that was never like that. Would that change your analysis? Thanks


Her and I used to spend a lot of time together in the pool and I'm going to miss those days.
Her mentioning the pool, the potential crime scene, she reminds Casey she should have known by how often they were in the pool, that Caylee wasn't able to swim alone, or be left alone in the pool. It is almost like Cindy now knows Casey let Caylee drowned in the pool, and she is chastising her because she should have known better, and now Cindy will suffer because she will miss those special days that Casey took from them.
She also reminds Casey if she knew Caylee as good as Cindy knew her, that Casey would have known this. This was to shame Casey and demean her publicly in secret, but Casey knows what she means, because they have used this language their whole life.

My favorite times, when she would come in on Sunday morning and wake me up and her face would be right in my face — CeCe wake up and she would be right there.

Cindy's favorite times? I thought this was about Caylee.
Note she is coming in again, from somewhere, probably her room she was told to stay in? This also shows she would wake them up in the morning, Sunday, not for Church, but to be in her face. It sounds more like she irritated Cindy by getting in her face, which is what Cindy has done with the press all along.

"I loved sitting in the reclining chair reading the stories w/her. Every night before we'd go to bed she would go outside and look at the stars and want to say good night to the stars and the moon, and if it was a cloudy night we'd say well, the stars have already gone to bed, they're covered up w/a blanket that God gave them bc they were cold."

Along with your comments, I was thinking also how if this is Cindy's truth and she is putting Caylee to rest this day, this is exactly what Caylee was seeing where she was. Caylee was under the stars, under the moon, she was outside, and Cindy may have had the chance as noted before, to say one last good night, and maybe she put the heart sticker on her. Cindy was also the one to
burst out and excited utterance to the LE agent that they were missing Caylee's blanket, which was since found at the crime scene with her. Did Cindy already know this from her last good-bye? Was Caylee covered up with a blanket in God's care now? This is really interesting to me that she describes the crime scene.
"Hearing her call out my name and tell me how much she loved me, talking to her on the phone. "
I see this as distant once again. If she was calling out her name, she wasn't with her, and if she was on the phone, she wasn't with her, also in George's deposition, he tells Morgan that his Grand Daughter could not dial a phone or something, so the calls would have to have Casey involved. I see her reminding George and Casey, Caylee loved HER.
"Every night I would drive home from work and she would tell me about her day."
Also, I wonder how many times she drove by where Caylee was placed to tell Caylee about her day?

"Watching her eyes light up when her Jo Jo came into the room, hearing her talk about her Uncle E and Aunt Mawry."

Why is everyone coming in and going out of rooms?

Also, she talks an awful lot, even so much as many family members complain, an over talkative child is often that way because they lack proper attention. Cindy also mentioned Caylee spoke of the nanny's dog, but not so much talk about the lady she was allegedly with all the time, the nanny. Proves the nanny false once again, imo.
 I don't know how she could talk so much about people she didn't see that much by Lee's admission, and everyone was busy working or playing, so I don't know how she would know much to say about them anyway.


"It breaks my heart today that Casey is not with us to honor her child whom she loved so very very much. "
Cindy's heart has been filled, broke and now broke again so far, and right after it is broke, we hear the name Casey. I believe Casey broke Cindy's heart.

Today? It breaks her heart today? Why only today?

In referencing her death, she throws responsibility back to Casey, reminding us Caylee's death was HER responsibility, not Cindy's, and that her heart, which was stolen by Caylee, now is broken by Casey who is responsible for Caylee's death.

I think what this really says is Cindy is mad that Casey was not there to experience the shame in public for her actions.


"Casey I hope you're able to hear me today, I love you and I wish I could comfort you right now. I wish I could take away all of your pain and wipe away your tears. "

Really? I think she wishes Casey much pain and tears, Casey has not expressed any pain or tears over what she has done that we have seen.

" Mostly the things I miss is watching the love that she shared with her mother."
Mostly she enjoyed watching Casey and Caylee fight for the love of Cindy, who had the power to decide whom would be the blessed receiver or her love, and she enjoyed watching them fight for her love. Obviously a sweet baby would win this easily, which would cause Casey strife, and that brought Cindy great pleasure.

"I want to thank you for giving me the greatest gift that I have ever received and that is for Caylee Marie. "
Interesting she doesn't mention the gift in the beginning of the sentence. Could she be saying, thank you LE for giving me the greatest gift of arresting Casey, and THAT is for Caylee.
Also I noticed she says she was given Caylee, which Casey claims she NEVER gave her custody and she never would, however Cindy seemed to have TAKEN this from Casey, and by this sentence, she further flaunts her power and demeans Casey, rubbing it in.
"Caylee was so much like you, she got her beauty and her compassion, she had your spirit and she will always love you. "
I think something was missed here. I also read this : Caylee was so much like you (unnamed0 Casey. Somehow she obtained compassion and beauty (implying Casey had neither) and Caylee HAD (Past tense recalling her death) your spirit (which if their spirits are the same, would mean Casey has a dead spirit) and she (unnamed Caylee?) will always love you (guilting Casey as Casey stopped loving Caylee at some point, but her daughter Caylee, only knew unconditional love.) This could be to further oppress Casey.
"God has blessed me w/3 children, 3 beautiful children -I love them all unconditionally. "
Cindy only has two children, this statement backs up the other about her taking Caylee. She loves some of them more than others, since she loved Caylee most, as a perfectionist, she included them in the same box - her child, she did this so in her head she can order them based on levels of love, Caylee, Lee, and then Casey. Further backed my the next statement where she says in order of importance:
Caylee and the circumstances of her death,
faith (Cindy's feelings) so Cindy
and then God

This is the true order of her love. Which actually leaves her children out of it.


"Its all about hope its all about faith, its all about believing and obeying in our God. "
Hope was described by Cindy to be Caylee deceased, and faith defined as the resultant emotions Cindy has about it.
This event was rightly all about Caylee being deceased, and Cindy. This is the most honest statement yet. Obeying God is mentioned after Cindy was mentioned, who had a stronghold on the family. Yet since Cindy believes in God, she knows she may not be able to punish Casey as she would like, but she hopes God will punish Casey strongly.

"There's so much suffering in our world these days and it seems like there is very little hope. "
Cindy has never heard of such a crime as Caylee has experienced, in Cindy's world, there is a lot of suffering, yet, she hasn't heard of many instances of children being murdered by their partying parent who has family as Cindy- available, and that there is very little (children deceased at the hands of their mother) or "hope"...
"But I believe that Caylee's purpose was to teach us about having hope."
Yes, Caylee's purpose now is to teach us about having (a child whom, at the hands of her mother, is deceased .) -  which once again is the definition Cindy gave us early on, I am merely replacing it where she hides it as this is how Cindy gave her own private and freeing testimony to Caylee. imo
And it is true, we are ALL learning all about that now, fulfilling Caylee's purpose now.


"I remember the first weekend right after we reported Caylee missing we got a call about a little girl that was found, she was found in W Virginia and there was hopes that this might be Caylee, but I remember them telling us not to keep our hopes too high."
We has no names to it. Allowing inference that we think the family together called. They didn't. Casey had to be wrangled up and trapped in the house. Her mom did this, not Lee, who she was closer with and who would easily be able to find her, but mom got her and Lee knew mom would want to get at her first. So maybe this was when the moving of the precious baby was orchestrated. before mom would find out.

Lee was sent looking for her *HOW long was he looking?, long enough to help her move a body and get back to her boyfriends where mom showed up, or at least he alone could have done the move before mom and dad would pick the car up? I think so. I think that was the only way she would come home to her mom, so he made a promise to her... CMA, to never tell.

He probably made the initial promise to find out where Caylee was and what happened.

"But I believe that Caylee's purpose was to teach us about having hope."

Cindy believes Cayless purpose in life was to teach US?? about (having a child who was killed by her mother).

Do you think my explanation answers this question?

"I remember the first weekend right after we reported Caylee missing we got a call about a little girl that was found, she was found in W Virginia and there was hopes that this might be Caylee, but I remember them telling us not to keep our hopes too high."

Cindy and co., believe as per their reports, that they gave plenty of confusing reports and there was enough vague stories about Caylee, that they thought people might be lost enough to believe this could have something to do with Caylee and divert attention from them. She knows it was not Caylee, because this was a "little girl" and not a "child", or "hope" for them.
Note that in cindy's speech she mentioned Caylee, in her death was hope, and then went on to say
"There were many days and weeks and months that hope was all we  had, we never gave that up. We realized that hope was everything, it kept us getting up every morning and living another day."
(This was where I originally started)
I noted this before reading on about her sermon on hope, I also did not read her speech or listen to it ever, so I then found you comment about this being a sermon on hope, actually interesting as it is the only way she felt comfortable speaking of caylee, who they continually were silent about as much as possible as not to incriminate themselves, so even here, she allows herself to relax and speak in code about caylee, so she, as a perfectionist, allows herself to complete her task of honoring caylee publicly for her attention as a narcissist, while doing it in secret for her private truth.
Now I will continue reading your post...
So, inserting the words "caylee deceased" in place of hope, I think this opens up what she really thinks about this.
 It has led us to many new friends and has reunited us with many old friends. Hope is what we need more of, its what we need more of to make this world a better place.

If I use the replacement for hope here it would be just messed up, because it would mean Cindy wished we all would have to experience what they are right now. Maybe she does.
"With hope we can wipe out negativity, w/hope we can concentrate on our faith. "
With Caylee deceased, Cindy can focus on the beautiful life, and concentrate on how she feels.
(Substituting with Cindy's definition of the words hope and faith as elsewhere in my comments.)
Reminds me of a tattoo, the beautiful life....
"Faith is why I stand before you today with a smile. "
So now she moves on to faith, which is what she is concentrating on now that Caylee is deceased. Thinking about how she feels, this brings her a smile.
 Maybe she is happy Casey is in jail.
"I would never have been able to endure the pain and suffering that I have felt the last 7 months without my  faith. Faith is why I've asked you all here today to share our love for Caylee Marie. I have faith that when you leave this church that today your hearts will be filled w/love"
Now she wants us all to feel as she does. Happy and relieved now that Caylee is deceased and Caycee is in prison.
 She also seems to want to remind us how she is hurting and needs special treatment and maybe we should overlook her washing the decomp out of Casey's clothing.
She has asked everyone on the short list, that is, to join in sharing her pain, and how SHE feels about things, and I am sure after you see things her way, you will be filled with love.?
She also wants the audience to share her love for Caylee, the same love she made be divided amongst Caylee, Lee, and Casey, and now you get to try to vie for a piece of that approval, just like Joy Wray, and others who Cindy destroyed as they tried to "help". Want a bit of that love?
She is so arrogant to think her love is so big that everyone in the audience will be filled with her conditional love just be being in her presence. You will all leave filled with love. okay...
"It shouldn't take the death of a child to love our God and our fellow man."
 Now if I switch it back, her word "for death of a child" was hope, the this would read:

 "It shouldn't take hope to love our God and fellow man." ugh, really? That was weird.

Peter: It doesn't.
I agree!

She is trying to demean the audience, making them beneath her as to force them to feel they are just as guilty for not loving "a child" (indicating abused child) enough to make them worthy of a position of Judgment over her.
Think about it. Go out and make a difference in someone elses lives, do something positive. Watch it grow into something big. Let's stop the negativity and the speculation. Let's stand up for our right to live in a world filled w/hope and faith and love. Remember God loves all his children unconditionally."
Reminding once again for us not to dare judge them, or we will face God judging us. Deflecting the judgment of them to us, and attempting to control the actions of our judgments and redirect it to a action totally disassociated with her family.
 If I replace her defining words for hope and faith, this would tell us to stand up for our right to live in a world filled with children deceased at the hands of their mothers,  and how Cindy feels about that and love, the love she decides to divvy out to us as we so deserve it and vie for it, while she demeans us and shames us.

She tells us to go out - as Caylee often went out of her room to entertain them, and as Caylee was left "out" in the cold in her blanket under the moon and stars. Was she wishing us all dead? We are to go out and make a difference in someone Else's lives, not our own, but to do something positive, maybe she wants us to do something in HER life to make HER feel good, so we can have a better chance to have a piece of the love we all have to fight for. Then we can watch "IT" grow. Could she have been thinking about the foliage growing up around Caylee, if she did get a chance to see her one last time and say her good bye, she probably would not have been able to stop thinking about the foliage, her shoes, and the foliage growing so big around where Caylee was placed.

Then immediately she catches herself and makes a request to everyone to "Look the other way" once again, she is hoping no one will ever know she got to say her last good-bye, that no one will ever really know what happened and all their family secrets, so that ( translating this: Let's stop the negativity and the speculation.) no one will positively know the exact truth.

I believe this in context of Cindy's letter, is her confession and telling of the day she last held Caylee in the woods:
" Let's stand up for our right to live in a world filled w/hope and faith and love."

Using her translation for the words, I replace them and it is amazing!
Standing up - goes to when she was in the woods, she stood up holding Caylee for the last time, and the words she used also harmonically sound like live in the woods filled with hope (deceased child at the hands of her mother), and faith (everything Cindy feels) and love (her love divided and fought for, for her to divvy out). We then are told to remember God loves his children unconditionally.

Remember God loves all his children unconditionally - UNLIKE CINDY, as she reminds herself this was her biggest sin, and thus led to the making of the monster who created the reason why the speech was written in the first place. So she summed up her story about what happened, and why it happened, confessing to everything, in her secret letter to God. She forgave herself that day I believe and excused all her sins by confessing them hidden in her words. She also didn't miss an opportunity to remind Casey what a waste she was, and how she didn't really love her anyway.

 (I think you were mentioning shoes, earlier Peter, so maybe since this was CINDY's show, it could be HER shoes and how they got muddied up at her last good-bye. What do you think?)
 I also have a theory as to why Casey's attorney is using every stall tactic in the book. What are the statute of limitations on interfering with investigations, lying to LE, Cleaning up a crime scene, etc., how long before the statute of limitation runs out on any charges that could be filed on the many crimes committed by the Anthony's? The reason is, I think they decided to be the fall guys as LE stated they would not go after them until they had Casey's case done or something, and so by Jose stalling, he may not so much be buying time for Casey, but for the Anthony's, why else do they all have attorny's, this could have been a deal struck, so mom and dad lie to get her off the hook, and jose drags out the proceedings so they either make a legal move to save ma and pa, or they drag it out until the limitations run out.

I don't think they are in court so much to support Casey, but to be nosy and also to make sure they have their butts covered, why else would their attorney be there all the time? He is preparing their criminal defense.

This is all just my rambling opinion, they are all innocent as we all are until proven guilty of anything, I just found this interesting and felt like blogging it for feedback from smarter people like you. peace ~ Chromedaffodils


  1. Seamus O Riley said...
    This is fascinating commentary and analysis. Each point shows that the author is thinking and asking questions: vital to Statement analysis.

    The author is openly wondering why Cindy Anthony chose the very words she did, seeking to learn if there was a reason--a specific reason that these words entered into the speech.

    Each aspect is interesting, including the "dress up" playing associated with George; especially in light of what has been released in recent days.

    There is, however, a point that stands out: why the night sky language?

    The conclusion may very well be correct: that Cindy was thinking of Caylee, out in the woods, under the night sky, rather than properly buried.

    Great job.

  2. I am especially impressed by your insight that the constant appearance of George and Cindy in court with their attorney, is not in concern for Casey, but rather their being nosey and making sure their butts are covered for their eventual prosecutution. You make some fascinating points!

  3. Wow what an incredible blog and how accurate you are about Cindy! You are so right. God loves all children. I can tell that you are a true Christian. God Bless You and continue to write more!

  4. Thank you all so very much. I am honored by your presence and appreciate your comments. Thank you so much!!! Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless!

  5. You are more than welcome! I am honored to read your blog. I would like to read more about Cindy and her actions and how she ruined Joy's life. Joy is an incredible, wonderful, loving Christian woman. I think it is awful that Cindy did that to her. Could you write a blog about that? I feel so bad that Cindy did that to Joy.
    God Bless You!


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