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HaLeigh Cummings - The Case of a Girl Lost in a Troubled World - only my opinion/thoughts/scenarios/brainstorming in response to BNN's article

OPINION only, no intent to incriminate the innocent, only trying to
piece the puzzle together.
Everyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty.

In response to the Blogger News article on the latest on HaLeigh
Cummings, I have this comment to make, it is length and totally
speculative. I wanted to throw some scenarios out there as many have
been left scratching their heads on what stories to believe. I have no
idea but I wanted to journal my thoughts. This is only my
brainstorming and I don't even believe these theories, they are just
that, theories, maybe to help others who are real investigators get a
spark if they are brain drained on this case. It is sad and terrible
and I pray HaLeigh is in God's hands. Just my journal and my personal
thoughts. Please feel free to comment.

Okay, so has LE said for sure the home was where she passed away? God
bless her and keep her...
Because since we are brain storming, wouldn't the dogs have hit on the
house if it happened there? Even if they immediately removed her, they
would not have had time to keep the smell the dogs hit on, from
occurring imo, there would have been scrambling, calls made and a plan
crafted, then she would have been moved. Plenty of time for the scent
to be left for the dogs. right?

So, if there was a cleaning job, looks like Tommy found the supplies??
But, would that have covered it up? I am not an expert in the least on
the dog abilities. If it was enough to cover it up, did LE keep their
trash from then and maybe keep searching it or confiscating it, lots
of leads from one's trash.

With the light on in regards to the drug involvement, we see who is
involved, Hope and all, so that leads one to believe she could have
been hanging around that night also. That night could have been
Misty's night to "make up" to Ron by helping him with a drug deal. If
you have any experience around someone involved in drugs, or watch
true crime stories, you know the dealers have beepers and phones
ringing off the hook. They often have many cell phones and so on.
(Does LE have ALL the phone numbers? Was the drug sting done to get
those numbers shook out of them so they could check into the calls

Scenario - The phone is ringing... Misty and Ron and Hope and the gang
are planning a big meet up with some dealers or buyers. This is a big
deal and Ron may have a stand-in or cover at his place of employment
who uses his "good" phone to ping for alibi, or to check in with a
code (ring so many times means something, like get back to work, boss
is coming, or calling to notify/verify drug commitments, etc.) Could
his mom be the cover, as her presence at his work may not throw off
co-workers as much and might explain her expedited presence and her LE
jacket, which could have been to back the drug deal that night as part
of a bigger plan they originally had for the evening.
(Maybe they were planning to have her come in at some point with it on
to fake out the other dealers to make them run and nab their dope or
something like that - cheesy, but just a thought, so she is calling to
check on when to arrive and they will answer when the time is right or
Then while Ron ducks out of work unbeknownst (sp?)to his employer to make the
{"drug run" or the fake sting, or the drug trade/sale, or the set up
to rip off a dealer/buyer...}
Mom helps by making those calls, and Misty is waiting for Ron with
Hope and maybe Tommy and Joe and some others are in on it too.

The van was used.

Everyone admits the van was used that night, but no one wants to touch
the van. No one wants to say they may have even moved it. Suspicious.

So, continuing on... they pile in the van
(which gained scratches, that I hope were analyzed excruciatingly),
then either everyone goes including the kids - or they are left or one
is left, alone - or - with someone:

{either one was sleeping and left home alone due to being asleep and
thus "wouldn't notice" they were gone, or both were going to be left,
but one woke up and they couldn't get that one to sleep or couldn't
wait to even try. Another reason would be Misty did stay home that
night and would watch the sleeping child, but was to beat to watch the
other who would not sleep, so Ron and the gang took her with them.}
This would also validate Misty saying she was asleep and when she woke
up she was gone.

The splitting up makes sense considering only one ended up missing,
however unless it was selective harm, which would take some
consideration and lean to someone close to them or who had been
watching to know she lived there, or someone who has interest solely
in her for any reason. This can include and exclude many depending on
the theory obviously. But, it makes sense in some theories that they
could have been separated that night.

Left alone:
One obvious theory is the one left was taken by the person they were
left with, or an intruder, if left alone. Or, the one that was left
ended up actually being the safest. (Misty could have been the one
there with the one who was left alone, sleeping, after all the deals
and scams were set up and everyone headed out.)

So, the van trip, (which Misty acknowledges in her interview on the
couch or whatever awhile back, - you guys brought to my attention the
other day), well it coincides with the "moved van" stories and
validates she at least knew people used the van, even if she was not
in it the whole time.

Now they head out to meet up with the dealer or buyer and still have
one child along. This could be either, first theory - HaLeigh is with
them and the deal: (Supported by dog scent leading to the road or
other places not in the home.)

It goes sour or she is used as part of the trade in some way, an
accident occurs. The possibilities are endless here really but you can
imagine what could have happened. This would include her getting into
the drugs at the location of the deal while attention was being made
on the money and the deal, etc. and she got curious or tried to be
like the adults.

This would also include them using what was on hand (drugs) to quiet
her so they could leave her in the van to make the run "easier", it
could have even been with intent to keep her safe from the drug deal,
or while they partied with the dealer/buyers (which could be backed by
nay nay's letter a long time ago about a party and her being thrown
into a river). This goes wrong, terribly, and so, having her in the
van (or some other person's vehicle from the party) at this point,
they go to the house and get some bricks and rope, etc., and used the
rope and bricks while in the car, to not bring evidence into THEIR
homes, and you know the rest by where LE was searching.

This could explain the back door issue if Misty WAS really asleep,
they used the same bricks on their mind as they frantically looked for
"what to grab to fix the situation", as what they were propping the
door open with. Remember, the door that slams hard once open and they
knew it, so propping it open while they frantically grabbed supplies
to clean up and dispose of evidence, would not WAKE her and jr. up.

Then, Someone throws something in the dumpster that touched HaLaigh.
Not sure what, but they did because the dogs hit there, or she was
there and as they got frantic, the decide that would be the first
place the LE would look, so she is moved and as they run in and out of
the house, they think of the bricks they have propping the door open
and decide to use them.

Also, this would nearly prove Ron was there because of his admission
about the door being locked and obviously he doesn't hand out keys, so
he would have had to unlock it initially and he would also know to
prop it open to prevent it from slamming shut and making a loud noise.
The propping the door open in this scenario could also prove they did
it because they knew Misty was asleep and they didn't want to wake
her, which those who would do that would be those who knew she was
there asleep and those who knew the door would slam shut loudly, oh,
ya and they had a KEY.

Ron and Misty also said they would use that door only for things like
"cleaning/detailing out their car" in an interview with Gretta, I
believe - so were they? Was that a "tell"?

The door explanation with being propped open etc., also plays true if
cleaning out the car from a tragedy during the previous scenario drug
run/deal/party, with or without Misty's knowledge. She could also have
been with them all along.

Ron clears his alibi by running back and clocking out of work, then
buying beers, etc. this leaves mom close and aware of at least some
events, (If and only IF the "Ron leaving work" scenario was true), or
all and maybe helps clean up (look at Cindy's help cleaning up
evidence galore, it must be instinctive to clean up after a troubled
child, so it would not be out of the realm of possibilities and would
explain her odd behavior.) She also could be involved in the drug deal
scenario with her LE jacket on for some reason, remember - she in an
interview with Nancy, discussed on what Oxycontin tastes like, in way
to much detail ("tells" of lying about her story at the time)-
proclaiming they don't have drugs around or whatever, I forget, but to
much info., could mean lying about her story, however she let us know
she knows what it tastes like. In the way she told, many claim only
one who uses it incorrectly would know that. I think it is possible it
is innocent though, because even taking it correctly you could taste
it if it fell onto your tongue. Different brands have also different
coatings. This still gives us the knowledge she has taken them before
and COULD be using them.

This tragedy could even have occurred way after the deal goes
successfully and they all are celebrating/hiding out at the dock or
party pad, with some beers Ron provides,(Check surveillance for him
buying beer, oh ya, he already made sure he was on tape.) At this
point, she is playing around the dock and slips in the water, or
someone pushes her in fun or purposely, as they are all most likely on
something, and something terrible happens.

The incident could have happened way before the beer was bought and
would make sense as this seemed like Ron's attempt at an alibi. They
then had plenty of time to cover up.

Children services:
Speech avoiding incriminating themselves:
The sleeping in the bed together and distance apart could be explained
(IF it has nothing to do with anything) by the fact they have been in
trouble by children services before and probably have a case plan
which basically would give them limits, rules, guidelines, etc. and
would threaten them with loss of custody and such if they did not
follow the rules set forth. This could also be another reason for the
webbing, this and to prevent testifying against each other and Ron
being with a minor. Anyway, this has to be reviewed semi-annually at
least in front of the judge depending on how much danger they thought
the children were in. I believe that is right though. This would make
them fear to say they were in the same bed or that Ron was to heavy
handed with them (as per interview by Geraldo), and would seem like a
lie about the case, when it was only to cover from further cs
investigations which would make them lose jr. and possibly face
charges. So, those answers should not distract you imo.

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  1. Wow, there are a few different theories to ponder. As for Ron being there, I do believe it was checked into more than once. Others verified he was at work all night without a doubt so I guess that leaves him out. As for Tommy, we pretty much know he was there and he knows what happened if his lawyer was telling the truth, which why would he admit that if it wasn't what he was told by Tommy. I do believe Tommy is still lying to make it appear that he wasn't as involved in the death as much as the others. As sick as it sounds I have a sick feeling that they may have abused Haleigh before killing her and I don't mean just physically abused as in hitting her. I do believe the cousin knows more about what happened, guys with his history don't just break down and cry for others out of sadness for he isn't crying for Haleigh, he is crying for himself and his fear of getting caught lying. Possibly he isn't the one who killed her but he most likely knows what happened. If he would like to clear his name he should take a lie detector test.
    The van that was most likely used to transport the dead child to dump her should be impounded again to try to match up the stories. If you listen to Misty in one of her interviews from last year you will see where she was being asked about that night and she starts spewing about those damn blankets that she keeps bringing up(the way she keeps bringing them up is strange b/c no one really initially asks her about them), she actually says that she washed Haleigh's blanket b/c it smelled like pee and then goes on to say that her blanket was in the van that "they took that night" or something along those lines. Why the hell was her blanket in the van to begin with? Anyone who can help with that one? For anyone who missed that comment, it is in the interview she gave when she was sitting on a couch with her mother(I think).
    The cousin, Hope, just got caught with the wrong people at the wrong time and I do feel the judge is using her as a way to scare the morons still sitting in jail that they need to come clean. I guess that will work one of two ways though, either they will be afraid that they will get in more trouble for admitting they knew what happened or they will be dumb enough to believe they can get in less trouble if they use what they know to get out of jail quicker. Anything these scumbags know should be beat out of them. They should be thrown in with the other inmates and let them torture them until the scumbags tell the truth. I dare say that the truth and these idiots are strangers(Judge Stricklands words to Casey Anthony, lol, I like it!)


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